Fortune Cookie Wisdom

“The problems of today will soon be buried by the sands of time”

This is the fortune cookie that got me through grad school. I was juggling full time school with full time work, a job transition and a wedding to plan.

It can be easy to get caught up in the minutiae of everyday life. But what’s important are not the little problems that crop up, the little headaches, or conflicts. What’s important, even critical, is to maintain harmony.

Go inside. Be silent. Become an empty vessel and invite Spirit to fill you up.

The problems you see today are a result of prior thinking. Change your thinking, change your life. Your inner world determines your outer world. You cannot change circumstances by dealing with external effects. In fact, by focusing on the problem, you are expanding its impact through the power of your attention.

Regardless, even the mention of problems likely brought something to mind. But it’s important to remember that you can transmute negative energy by focusing on its opposite.  

Are you sick? Think of health.

Do you feel physically unfit? Think of vitality and strength. Affirm it for yourself.

Complicated love life? Think of your ideal romance.

Money problems? Think of wealth, abundance and success.

What would it feel like? That’s the important part. It’s not just about using your imagination to define the ideal. You have to hold it in your mind, you have to imbue it with love. However, think only on the desired result, not on how it may come about, or when. Don’t worry about it or obsess over how much you want it, because words are powerful. Your reality is a result of your habitual mental attitude. Habitually thinking “I want XYZ” perpetuates a state of wantingness, not havingness. The key is to picture it then walk through life feeling like you already have it.

I have to constantly remind myself to think with purpose. Since the sands of time will inevitably bury the problems of today, then fretting about them won’t make a difference. Consistent progress and patience are all that is needed. Try to recall some challenge you overcame last year. Remember how stressed you were, about how much you thought about it, journaled about it or discussed it with friends? Remember the way it affected your mood or gave you headaches? But when you think about the same problem now, how does it feel? Perhaps distant, or even trivial, and certainly not as bad as you thought. Here you are now, having dealt with it and moved on to new desires and obstacles along the way to manifesting them. What if you apply that same perspective to the problems of today? You can manage them with the mindset of the you who has already overcome any challenge, not of one who struggles. Focus not on the struggle, but on allowing the sands of time to bury today’s problems and lay the foundation for an inevitable victory. We can get there together, as a TryBe!

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