Search & Rescue

I finally saw Disney’s A Wrinkle in Time (2018) and to say that I was inspired would be an extreme understatement. Not only was I inspired, I was jolted and deeply moved. So much about the film struck me from a very deep place; so deep that I took notes during the movie and found myself teary-eyed throughout the majority of it. In fact, I remained in my seat throughout the entire credits and even a few minutes after. I attribute most of my awe-filled response to the other-worldly brilliance of Ava Duvernay, who brought this classic novel to life in a truly extraordinary way. Also, my deep connection to the film is linked to my love of the unmatched and incomparable Oprah Winfrey. I could go on and on about how Storm Reid and the entire cast and crew of the film also deserve much praise. However, this post isn’t a review of the film.

There was a line spoken by Oprah Winfrey’s character, Mrs. Which, that served as the inspiration for this post. In the midst of helping Meg and Charles Wallace Murry search for their father in the vast Universe, it is discovered that their father is stuck somewhere in the dark, evil, illusionary land of Camazotz. Mrs. Which, Mrs. Who and Mrs. Whatsit are no longer able to assist with the search. At that point, Mrs. Which says,

“This is no longer a search, this is now a rescue.”

As I sat in the theater after the film and later processed what I heard and saw, I thought about the term search and rescue and the fine line between those two; that sometimes, searching for someone overtaken by darkness actually switches to rescue. Rescue from death back to life.

Well, because I’m a deeply spiritually-minded and connected person, I began to think about my own pattern of search and rescue. I thought about how there had been moments in my life when I could stop at nothing to rescue my peace of mind from the darkness that grabbed and snagged at me everyday. I thought about moments when my deferred dreams were seemingly stuck in the illusive and dreary days of the past and needed to be rescued to avoid death. I thought about how in an attempt to find love through companionship, I actually rescued myself when I finally realized and accepted the love within that was given freely by a loving God.

Ultimately, what rescued me and what will rescue all of us is Love. When we find ourselves in darkness (sadness, despair, depression, sickness, pain), it is Love that overcomes darkness and it does so with the light of truth. When we stand in darkness and speak the truth, name our vulnerability, name our insecurities and acknowledge the very presence of darkness, Love shines and prevails.

How do we allow love to rescue us?

Cultivate the love within. See yourself rightly; as a divine being made in the image of a loving and divine God. Appreciate and accept your gifts, your flaws, your awkwardness, your insecurities, your beauty and your light.

Find the Love frequency and tune in. This is such a challenge when we’re deep in the static of darkness without a clear signal. Yet, we can listen for the vibration. We can sometimes feel it in our souls. A stranger’s genuine and unexpected smile, a baby’s hearty, pure laugh, a tree dancing in the wind, or a dragonfly hovering above our car windshield. This the love frequency. Tune in. Once you do, your vision and perspective will change and you’ll want to stay there all the time.

Stand in the darkness and proclaim the truth. No matter how dark it is, the truth always shines a light. From that light, we’re able to see our way out with love as our guide. When negativity, pessimism, distrust, disunity, doubt, fear and hopelessness arise, stand up and speak the truth. Apply love to negative thoughts before speaking words. If it doesn’t sound like love, don’t say it. Affirm yourself and others by speaking with tenderness and kindness. If it’s a scripture, speak it. If it’s a personal mantra, repeat it. If it’s a song, sing it.

“This is no longer a search, this is now a rescue.” Love will save us.

In love & light, 
Margaret A. Brunson, PhD
Image credit: Leon Rojas on Unsplash

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