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My co-founder, Madonna Boyd Moore and I are as uniquely different as we are true kindred spirits. We’re yin & yang, a backyard fish fry & a Sunday jazz brunch, a self-proclaimed homebody & a bubbly socialite. We met on Facebook in 2011 and discovered a destiny bigger than either of us would realize at the time. As we bonded in the comments section of a group dedicated to wellness and beauty, we discovered many serendipitous connections including being Leos born the same year a couple of weeks apart, having the same initials (before Madonna got married) and our parents knowing each other long before we met.

As our friendship evolved, we began to engage in daily morning text conversations about not only hair and beauty, but also the state of humanity in our broken world, the challenges of relationships, and our personal barriers to self-care. As we served to support one another, we began dreaming of a way to spread love and encourage others to just BE. Thus, TryBe was born.

What is TryBe?
TryBe is simply: Humans, Being.

TryBe exists to liberate and unite people by valuing the importance of our collective humanity. TryBe exists to encourage unity of the collective humanity by providing products that promote the values of Connection, Community and Compassion. TryBe exists to impact the well-BEing of individuals and communities by developing sustainable models of social entrepreneurship to help eliminate generational poverty.

Who is TryBe?
TryBe is for Woke Women. Conscious Creatives. The intellectuals. The hipsters. The misfits. The prophetic poets. The outcasts. The workers. The dreamers. The hustlers. The clairvoyant. The spiritual sages. The achievers. The stargazers. Humanity.

We Believe:
In TryBe, we are enough.
In TryBe, we are authentic.
In TryBe, we are free.
In TryBe, we are love.
In TryBe, we are abundance.
In TryBe, we are confident and unique.
In TryBe we are unfettered and unbordered.
In TryBe, we are Humans, Being.

TryBe will offer three categories of unique products and merchandise and our products serve both function and purpose.

Wear TryBe focuses on wearable messages that create social impact. This line will include signature TryBe tees, statement tees, and fitness apparel.
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Inspire TryBe focuses on promoting spiritual and mental health and wellness. Products include our signature TheLoveLife™ affirmation cards, greeting cards, self-love books, and reflection journals.
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Heal TryBe will include products that enhance the health and beauty of humanity. Products include natural skin care, herbal teas, fair-trade coffee, and essential oil soy-based candles and incense, etc.
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TryBe is a global lifestyle brand. TryBe is a state of mind and the way to BE.
We Are TryBe. Are you? Join us.

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  1. First of all.❤️❤️
    I’m so excited about what you 2 are DOing. Amazing concept and amazing …. Just amazing ladies! -Sam Alexander

    1. Thanks so much Sam!!!

  2. You all are awesome!!!!

    1. Thanks Evan!!

    1. Keep visiting…there’s more to come!!

  3. Wow!!! So exciting and refreshing! Thank you for this

    1. Thanks so much!

  4. Really cool idea! Congrats!

  5. Omggggg I love this!!!

  6. Love Love Love…stay positive…be amazing!

  7. It is so refreshing to see my educated sisters working together for a common good. Proud of you all… keep up the good work.

  8. I am so excited for this launch. This is such a profound community for a time such as this.

  9. This is absolutely amazing! I’m so happy for you ladies!

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